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Manifold Grace’s Books to Read Through Thick and Thin

It is not enough to just pray or to pray our emotions, it is more effective when we pray what the word says about the situation we are praying about. Let us go back to the basics of prayers that get answered. Get your copy of any of these books today.  The books will transform lives when the principles set out in them are followed. You can evangelize by giving them as a gift to your loved ones for any occasion or use them in your church group  or Bible study group.


If you need grammatical editing on your final papers, you can contact us at:

To purchase any of our books, please click the link below:

Religious Speaking Engagements

Dr. Nikky Adossi is a teacher and preacher of the Word of God. She is available as a religious speaker in conferences, conventions, and marriage seminars. You can also contact her if you’re looking for someone to minister in your church or conference.

Dr. Adossi is a Licensed Pastoral Counselor and a Certified Temperament Therapist.

Call, email and book for some of our services which are:

(1) Marriage Counseling

(2) Premarital Counseling

(3) Family Counseling

(4) Career Counseling

(5) Temperament Therapy

(6) Youth Therapy

(7) Retreats and Marriage Seminars

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